My International Management professor said something so basic but brilliant. We have developed this idea of “time management.” But how does one manage time well? If you manage your time well, whatever that means, you have 24 hours in a day. And if not…there are still 24 hours. So given this “time,” how do we manage it? How do we spend it? How do we perceive it?

I come from a society where time has become like quicksand. We can try and fight it but inevitably each day, each hour, each second we are getting older. We are sinking further. To our own distress we battle time. And even though we recognize that time cannot be captured, we have become obsessed with it. We never have enough of it. We are either losing it, trying to find it or waiting for it to pass with hopes that tomorrow will be better. And because we have this perception, everything has become fast.

We drive fast

We eat fast

We talk fast

We walk fast

We fuck fast

We want to lose weight fast

We want to fall in love fast

We want to grow up fast

Fast. Fast. Fast.

We are in a constant rush whether its rushing to work or rushing into a next phase in life. Excuse my language, but maybe WE ALL NEED TO SLOW THE FUCK DOWN.

I think we have forgotten, or maybe we were never taught, to appreciate the process.

A couple years ago, my jazz professor began his class by telling us something I will never forget. It was a GE class, thus meaning majority of the students were from other majors and jazz history lie far from their priorities. The question, “Why do I need to learn this?” often arose. Knowing many college kids’ attitudes, my professor gave us this analogy:

“Why do you go on a jog? You start at one point and end at the same, correct? It is not about the destination, it is the process. As you move along, you willingly know you will more than likely end up where you have begun yet you continue and come full circle. Well this is the same for GE classes. I understand most of you cannot see the relevance of this class, but nonetheless just by attending you are expanding your mind. Maybe you will remember one simple fact from this class or maybe it all will be washed away the second you finish your final. Regardless, this is part of the process of college. And part of the journey, so embrace it.”

I am guilty of receiving and disposing of time. Taking it for granted. Moving fast. But I think, I know, it is time to slow.down. To embrace each moment. To find serenity in the process.